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Risk Management

Incident Response & Investigation

~  Managed Security

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  Risk Advisory

Risk Strategy and Planning provides a more methodical and efficient approach to a client’s security and risk program — an approach that can reduce time, cost and resources needed to plan and deploy a more comprehensive strategy.

Risk Management

A managed approach to risk is a requirement in today’s business world.  Identification and categorization of risks is necessary for a business to build controls, procedures, and processes to avoid risk but not all risks need or should be treated the same.  Without a strong Risk Management program management will be unable to make the right decisions about their risk and exposure.

  • Risk Management consulting and advisory service
  • Data Governance
  • Third Party Risk Management
  • Regulatory Compliance – GDPR, Privacy, etc
  • Risk Management program development
  • Strategy development

Incident Response & Investigation

We provide skilled and experienced investigators to assist you in responding to incidents.  Whether it is proactive testing and investigation or response to a breach, our services are tailored to rapidly address your needs.

  • Forensics
  • Cyber Insurance audits for Insurance providers and brokers
  • Post incident Analysis

Managed Security

Organizations have more requirements for security and compliance than ever before.  Whether your business has dedicate resources or not, you are still not immune to to compliance.  We offer advisory services, virtual CISO/CSO, and other key services.

  • Virtual CISO – Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)
  • Table Top Exercises
  • Infrastructure Security testing and design advice
  • Penetration / Vulnerability Testing
  • Training

Risk Software

We use and develop tools to assist our consulting as well as end user tools for our customers to better assess their own risk posture.  AI and machine learning are key components to our software to reduce time and effort and to improve the outcome of our engagements and your assessments.

  • Artificial Intelligence based Risk Management assessment and management tool
  • Subscription based services
  • Intelligence gathering and research is part of our process.  Even our experience in the field is fed back into our software products.
  • Identification of your risk posture

Risk Advisory

Alchemy Labs is a resource for Threat Intelligence, education, and research.  

  • Data protection advisory service
  • Education
  • Threat Analytics
  • Research
  • Security Blog

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