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Dark Web Monitoring & Take Down Services

You’ve locked down your environment and taught your staff to be careful. Do you know most organization that get breached do this too?
Are you doing enough to protect your brand?
Do you really know your risks?

That’s where Dark Web monitoring and Take Down services come in. It’s not just a magical service offered to protect your credit score. It’s a technique used by the best and brighest organizations to get ahead of the bad guys. It’s a piece of the security puzzle organizations are missing. It’s a part of what some call Threat Hunting. We call it Dark Alchemy.

We believe it is crucial for organizations to know when their businesses and brands are being discussed or targeted on the Dark Web. Equally important is knowing when credentials and data have been listed or gone up for sale and to take appropriate actions.

At Risk Alchemy we include Dark Web scanning and analysis in our penetration testing service. But penetration and vulnerability testing are point-in-time analyses. Although useful in identifying threats “now,” it does not cover the threats that might pop up tomorrow nor does it manage those threats and infringments of your intellectual property. We are pleased to announce that we have spun off our Dark Web monitoring into a subscription service. Our Dark Alchemy service gives customers insight into what is happening with their information and their customers’ information on a monthly basis to better determine risk, improves response and remediation, and better protects their brands.


Why is Dark Web monitoring is important?

There was a 112% increase in Access Brokers selling stolen data in 2022 according to CrowdStrike.

Estimates suggest in 2022 a ransomware attack took place successfully every 40 seconds, with an attempt nearly every 11 seconds. (DataProt)

Most of these attacks begin with chatter or the listing of assets on the Dark Web.

No one is immune to attacks, breaches, and ransomware. Some of the largest companies with the best funded security teams are in the news on a weekly basis because of a cyber security incident. Their brands are damaged, their customers nervous, and accountability is required. These organizations miss a key piece of the puzzle – how to be more proactive in threat analysis.

Our Dark Alchemy monitoring and take down services give our customers the piece of mind to know what is happening in the dark and take appropriate action.

Examples of what we detect:

  • Chatter about your organization, brand, and/or employees.
  • Whether it’s a spear phishing, botnet attack, or another threat, we Identify active campaigns against you.
  • Monitoring includes social media, app stores, hosting providers, and DNS registrars for threats and infringementing content.
  • Discover leaked data including customer information, user IDs, passwords.
  • Take Down Services
  • Minimize exposure to risk by stopping threats before they are realized.
  • Removal of malicious or copyright infringements from the Internet (eg. websites, DNS records, web stores). Rapid response to gather data and submit requests working with your legal teams to take appropriate action.

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